How to Manage Your Credential Program Effectively with Digital Credentials

    Discover the power of digital credentials in managing and enhancing your credential program effectively. Streamline processes, boost trust, and achieve compliance while providing a seamless experience for learners and stakeholders.
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    Credential program manager analyzing the outcomes and performance of their digital credential program.

    Digital credentials are the online replacement for paper-based certificates, offering verified proof of a learner’s competency and skills. Unlike traditional certificates, digital credentials are data-rich, easy to create, issue, and share.

    Using a platform like Acclaim, which incorporates enterprise-level security and enhanced analytics to measure learner success, you can provide your learners with more impactful programs. You will also be better placed to achieve organizational goals such as increasing enrollment numbers, motivating learners to raise completion rates, and reducing administrative costs. 

    However, to reap the many benefits of a digital credential program, it needs to be properly managed and implemented. Here are some top tips on how to do that with Acclaim.

    Benefits of a Well-Managed Credential Program

    First, let's explore the benefits of an effective digital credential program:

    • Enhanced Trust and Credibility: Enhance your reputation and credibility, and instill confidence in employers, clients, and stakeholders that the individuals holding your certifications possess the necessary qualifications and expertise.
    • Foster Continuous Growth: Provide opportunities for individuals to enhance their skills, knowledge, and career prospects. Ensure programs are structured, comprehensive, and aligned with industry needs, allowing learners to develop and grow professionally.
    • Robust Data Security and Integrity: Safeguard the integrity and security of learner data and certification records. Protect against unauthorized access, tampering, or fraudulent activities, ensuring the privacy and trustworthiness of the credentialing process.
    • Streamlined Processes: Streamline administrative processes associated with your credential programs, making them more efficient and user-friendly. These include seamless registration, issuance, renewal, and verification of credentials, reducing administrative burdens and saving time and resources.
    • Compliance: Ensure your credential programs adhere to applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. This helps you meet legal requirements and avoid penalties or legal consequences associated with non-compliance. [Discover more about how digital credentials can help your training organizations to stay compliant in highly regulated industries in our whitepaper]

    All these benefits add up to a credential program that will help you establish a positive brand image to attract and retain more learners in the long run. 

    How To Develop and Manage an Effective Credentialing Program

    There are many in-built features the Acclaim platform offers that will ensure you deliver a successful implement your digital credential program. Here’s how to put these features at the centre of your program and enjoy the significant benefits.

    1. Utilize the Expiration Date Feature

    Acclaim’s expiration notification feature auto-sends emails to remind credential earners before their digital credential expires, prompting them to renew to ensure currency and relevance. You can set the expiration dates, and help prevent the use of outdated knowledge or skills in practical scenarios. 

    This feature proves beneficial for training programs in tightly regulated industries. It ensures that learners stay compliant with the necessary skills and knowledge, staying up-to-date with the latest requirements. 

    2. Leverage Blockchain for Security and Integrity

    Digital credentials published via blockchain provide enhanced data security and integrity, as well as enable secure and transparent verification. As the credentials are stored on a decentralized and immutable ledger, data cannot be tampered with or altered. This guarantees the trustworthiness and authenticity of the credentials, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities or unauthorized modifications — and ultimately building trust and the reputation of the program and its credentials.

    3. Implement Automated Verification Processes

    Manual verification requires dedicated resources to review and validate each credential, a time-consuming process, particularly when dealing with a large volume of credentials or frequent verification requests. Digital credentials streamline the process for employers and stakeholders to significantly reduce manual verification efforts and the administrative burden that comes with it. 

    4. Utilize Data Analytics for Program Evaluation

    Access to valuable insights and performance metrics provided by digital credentials means that issuers can easily track learner progress and identify areas for improvement. Analytics span credential issuance, renewal rates, and learner engagement. They enable the measurement of the impact and effectiveness of the credential program while allowing providers to make data-driven decisions for program enhancements and adjustments. This ultimately enhances learner and program outcomes.


    By following these tips, training providers and associations can effectively manage their credential programs, ensure compliance, enhance security, and provide a seamless experience for learners and stakeholders.

    Learning from a Successful Program: Key Insights and Effective Management Strategies

    The Acclaim digital badging platform is trusted by over 3,500 certification, assessment, education, and training providers as their preferred network to issue credentials. Numerous organizations of various sizes and sectors have reported positive results from efficient credentialing program management.

    HRCP, a provider that assists HR professionals in acquiring HR certification exams. Through its digital badging program called Micro HR, it delivers affordable, up-to-date, and comprehensive HR content. Since launching its program on Acclaim, HRCP’s successful implementation has helped it achieve the following impressive results:

    • Issued nearly 1,000 digital badges, accounting for 34% of purchased courses.
    • Gained nearly 3,000 new followers on Micro HR social media accounts.
    • 52% open rate among subscribers for its email marketing campaign for badges.
    • Streamlined badge issuance and management have reduced required management and oversight.

    A well-run digital credential initiative can help you streamline your program management, enhance security, and ensure compliance. 

    Are you ready to unlock the potential of digital credentials for your organization? 

    If you’re building a digital credentialing program or making the switch from a traditional program, Credly Acclaim can help support you on your journey. By taking our Credentialing Mastery Assessment, we’ll be able to advise you in three key areas of your digital credentialing strategy: foundation, delivery, and sustainability & scalability. This will be followed by a detailed and personalized report with rich resources to help you transform, adapt, and lead your way to mastering the world of credentialing excellence.

    Why wait? Discover how you can build a successful program unique to your organization’s needs with our Credentialing Mastery Assessment. 

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