A Roadmap to Employer- and Industry-Driven Digital Badges Guide

    A common pitfall in higher education institutions' development of digital badging...

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    Digital Badging Step-By-Step for Higher Education

    Issuing badges has never been easier with Acclaim. Additionally, implementing a...

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    A Field Guide to Partnering with Employers to Create Workforce-Relevant Credentials

    In May 2017, record-low unemployment rates were achieved in Colorado and six other U.S....

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    Are You Ready for Digital Credentials? A Checklist

    Are you ready for digital credentials?

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    Credly Three Tips to Verify Skills Resume Checklist Guide

    In a rapidly evolving job market influenced by technological advancements, the task of...

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    Credly Professional Associations and Verified Learning Guide

    With over 66,000 associations in the U.S. alone, the guide emphasizes the importance of...

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    How to Increase Your Organization's Brand Presence

    Beyond offering a great product or service, effective brand communication is crucial for...

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    The Power of Digital Credentials for Product Certification Providers

    The Acclaim platform offers powerful advantages for product certification providers...

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